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This is less about 50 shades of grey and more about the many shades of black and brown!

Despite repeated efforts, why aren’t diversity initiatives working their charm? What else needs to be done or rather done differently?   


Organisations are increasingly trying to find solutions to diversity and inclusion challenges by opting for black or white solutions and answers and that’s where THE GREY AREA comes in!  A solution which is not entirely black or white but a combination of both. What we are trying to establish is that achieving inclusion is not simple, many forces are at play and hence, the answer cannot be either/or. If you are trying to be more inclusive then perhaps it’s about time we step into THE GREY AREA.

The phrase GREY AREA itself indicates an ill-defined area. We may know something exists but we can’t exactly pinpoint what it is. It’s always there and doesn’t go away and we often mistakenly try to work around it or try to avoid it.


We at the GREY AREA aim to redefine and reconfigure balance of power in an organisation by giving a voice to minorities and hearing from them as to what exactly it is that they need to see in order to progress.


We wish to support employees and employers walking through the GREY AREA by asking those rather difficult questions so that they can understand and realise what inclusion means to them. The GREY AREA Team wants to help managers reframe their thought process by helping them recognise this grey area exists – we can’t ignore it so we might as well dive in, find out what’s going on and dispel the myths and ambiguity. Could the Grey Area hold some of the solutions to truly embracing inclusion? 

We want organisations to:



Ethnicities...and that’s why

Your voice matters!

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